An ideal outdoor get-away! The Villa Savonlinna is located on the shore of beautiful Lake Saimaa, in the heart of Finland’s lake district. We welcome you to come and enjoy the abundance of nature in a splendid yet comfortable setting.

The luxurious Savonlinna Villa is located on Lake Saimaa. The entire Saimaa basin is famous for its breath-taking landscapes, from rocky outcroppings, deep pine forests, and unforgettable sunsets. In the city of Savonlinna, just an hour’s drive from the villa, you will discover the medieval fortress, Olavinlinna. Today it serves as a wonderful venue for an international opera festival held annually. More

hectare of pine forest


metres of shoreline




metres of sandy beaches

By encompassing all of the buildings at Savonlinna Villa into one unified style, the Greenside Architect’s unique design incorporated the most advanced technologies. The villa, the sauna on the shore, and the garage are constructed of expansive glue-laminated beams. The resulting horizontal roof lines accentuate the architectural quality of the villa while blending perfectly into the original setting. More








Savonlinna Villa’s interior is designed in the Scandinavian Art Nouveau style popular at the beginning of the twentieth century. The wooden walls are finished in an ultra-modern technique known as brushing, to bring out the wood’s natural characteristics and accentuate the textures and muted azure hues ever-present in the peaceful landscape that surrounds the villa. More
The natural beauty of Finland is abundant any time of year.
Summer activities near the Villa include fishing, motor boating, touring the islands, biking and swimming. An ideal sandy beach is close by.
Spring presents unforgettable views and sounds of awakening nature with flocks of birds, fantastic fishing and the imminent promise of summer.
Autumn holidays at the Villa are good for mushroom and berry picking.
Popular winter sports include skiing and snowshoeing. Certainly sitting by the fireplace is a must.
Outdoor getaway
Fishing from pier and boat
Angler's delight! The immense water area of Saimaa Lake, with a variety of depths (down to 85 m) and its rich bottom terrain provide the perfect environment for a variety of fish species. Perch, pike, whitefish, bream, zander, trout and lake salmon are abundant, but hardly a complete list of the lake's inhabitants. More
Underwater hunting and spearfishing
The rich bottom terrain also provides an exciting environment for memorable underwater hunting adventures. Whether you are an experienced driver or a beginning underwater hunter, the clear transparency of Pihlajavesi Lake (rowan water) ensures a joyful experience and a chance to catch a trophy. Be sure to take a photo or a video to share with friends and relatives by the bonfire or back at the villa later. More
Mushroom and berry picking
During your stay at the Saimaa Villa, you may what to try your hand at "quiet hunting.” Mushrooms, including — boletus, brown cap boletus, gorkushka, saffron milk cap, and orange cap boletus grow abundantly in nearby forests and islands. Finding them will surely be a memorable event. More
Excursions to Saimaa
A motor boat journey to several nearby islands, open bays and hidden coves is an excellent way to spend a day while on your vacation at Saimaa Villa. Just 30 km away by water, is the famous medieval fortress of Olavinlinna, the heart of the cosy city of Savonlinna.

Pietolansaaren-Korvenaluksentie 48, 58650 Savonlinna, Finland

Directions to the Villa:

By car: From Imatra — 70 km From Lappeenranta — 98 km

The closest airports:

Savonlinna — 91 km
Lappeenranta — 105 km
There are flights from Helsinki to both of the above airports.
We will be happy to provide transportation from any location in Finland.

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